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Natural Living Expo - Sturbridge

Tong Ren at the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge, MA

  Mónica Calvo, from the Board of Directors at OCI Healing Research Foundation  introduces Tong Ren Healing at the Natural Living Expo in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

Puerto Rico 4-Biowave devices experience

Tong Ren Wave Healing in Puerto Rico

Students in Puerto Rico using devices to experience revolutionary Tong Ren Wave Healing.        


Tong Ren Tui Na Seminar held at Monica Calvo Healing Center on November 2012

Mónica teaches Tui Na technique on a patient.

Monica performs Tong Ren Tui Na massage on a patient.

Mónica Treats A Patient

Mónica shows students how to perform Tong Ren Tui Na massage on the neck. The theories of Tong Ren are rooted in ancient Chinese medicine but work in conjunction with accepted Western medical practices.

Moncia signs stuff Italy.....

Mónica in Italy

Mónica signed copies of Tom Tam’s Lazy Bum book, Spanish edition,  after finishing a seminar on Tong Ren therapy and Tui Na in Florence, Italy.


Tong Ren Therapy

All of Mónica’s treatments are based on Tong Ren Therapy, which is based on the belief that blockages in the body are responsible for all of our ailments.

2011-Monica radio talk show 1

On the Radio

Interview on Tong Ren at  FM 96.9 “Boston Talks” with host Michele McPhee and Dr. Guy Ciccone.