FRANCE: Tong Ren Tui Na Seminar in Paris

November 25/26, 2018
8 Place Breteuil, 4th Floor
75007, Paris, France

France flag            Tui Na photo
Join this 2 days seminar with Monica Calvo a Tui Na Practitioner with more than 20 years of experience working closely with Tom Tam, to experiences and learn this body work technique a practical way to help yourself, families and friends, to releases pain, inflammation, and side effects from stress and others ailments.
Tui Na originates in China as medical treatment and part of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
This traditional style is focusing in Meridians path way of energy or Chi or Prana.
TONG REN TUI NA is focus on the blockage theory of Tom Tam Healing System with primary goal to remove physical blockages that interfere with the normal state of body homeostasis of health.
TONG REN TUI NA is a manipulation technique to help resolve the areas compromise locating the blockages that indicate which areas are in need of treatment. Students will be able to localize those areas and see after treatment the benefits that produce when the blockage is open.
The training will provided the students with a lot of hand on practice and uses of some TUI NA technique that include, pressing, grasping, and rolling on the points of stagnation or blockage .
As bonus training student will be able to see and practices others tools to open the blockage
using Cupping Technique and Gua Sha. This technique are become more and more popular in
the western culture, but the trainers only focusing in meridian theories. In TONG REN TUI
NA we will uses it to open the blockage fallowing Tom Tam Healing System with fast and
beneficial result.
This lifelong learning experience will help you to be more secure on your healing process and
on your decision to advocate for your health.
For more information or questions, please email
Or call at +1-617-605-3308

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