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Upcoming Tong Ren and Tui Na Training Class in Haverill MA

This is an exciting class where you will learn the following techniques to help family, friends, and yourself! How to  find and release blockages in the body through the Tong Ren System using the elements of Tui Na, Cupping, and Gua-Sha The class will include a PowerPoint presentation as well as handouts Students will have […]

Tong Ren Healing and Tui Na Presentation at Bay Path College in Burlington, MA

                                   Mónica Calvo performs Tong Ren Tui Na on a participant at the Health Fair in Bay Path College, Burlington, MA on August 27,  2013. Mónica also taught Tong Ren Healing technique with the doll and hammer, and played […]

Mónica teaches how to find the blockage

    Students learn how to detect blockages in the body.   Volunteers take turns around the massage table.                 

Tong Ren Tui Na Seminar held at Monica Calvo Healing Center on November 2012

Mónica teaches Tui Na technique on a patient.